How does fund discoverability work on the AngelList platform?

Turning on fund visibility allows you to get in front of more AngelList LPs to help you raise capital for your fund. It shows that you are raising in both the fund and syndicate browse pages in the LP dashboard. 

How can I change my fund discoverability?

Navigate to the Settings tab of your Fund Dashboard. Here you can change fund discoverability settings.


Note: turning this on will automatically display your fund in the Funds browse experience, but in order to show in the Syndicate browse page also, your syndicate must also be set to promoted in your profile settings in order for approved AngelList LPs to see that you are raising and express interest. 

Who can see my fund if I have my fund set as visible?

When a fund is set to visible, LPs who have passed the AngelList Investor application can see your fund when logged into their Investor Dashboard. LPs who have passed the AngelList Investor application have proven prior experience working at, or investing in, startups, as well as a substantive pre-existing relationship with AngelList. Meaning this is not general solicitation and your fund can be featured, even if it’s 506(b).

This does not create any public-facing information about your fund and is not general solicitation.


What do LPs see if I have my fund set as visible?

In the Funds browse experience...

When an LP is browsing funds in their investor dashboard, they will be able to see which Venture Funds are currently raising that are set to discoverable. The "Min commitment" column will use your fund's default minimum committment.


They will be able to view the AngelList LP Fund Page and submit an application with how much capital they would consider investing. 



You will then get an email with their application, which you can review.


Once accepted, the LP gets an email inviting them to invest in your fund, which allows them to view the fund again and commit and sign their investment. 



You can view your applications at any time under the "Applications" tab in your Venture Fund admin view.


Note: Inviting the LP does not guarantee their capital. Once they get invited, they can then view the fund page again and then go through the LP Closing Flow if they wish to commit capital. 


In the syndicate browse experience...

When an LP is browsing syndicates in their investor dashboard, they will be able to see which syndicates are currently raising a venture fund, as well as filter explicitly for them. Only funds that GPs have chosen to share will be visible by LPs.


Note: Your syndicate must be set to "Public" in order for your fund to be displayed. Learn more here.

When the LP applies to back the syndicate, they will also have an option to express interest in the fund you are raising. 


If an LP chooses to express interest in the fund, you will see it in their application email and in their application on your fund applications page.

mceclip4.pngWhen you review their syndicate application, you will have an option to invite them to choose which fundraising vehicles you want to invite them to, including the fund you are raising.

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