How can I close investments through my IRA?

You can create an investing entity for your IRA here. For the entity name, check with your IRA custodian to see if they have a required naming convention.

  • Example: AltoIRA FBO John Doe Roth IRA


Additionally, to ensure that it is configured correctly as an IRA entity, please be sure to select “An IRA” as the entity type during the creation process.

Once the IRA entity is created, you can select this entity when you close investments on AngelList. If you plan to invest through your IRA, we recommend investing at least 2 weeks before the closing deadline. Please note that all investments signed on the AngelList platform are final: consider investing personally or via another entity if you are not sure you can fund via your IRA on time.

If you need assistance with custodian forms, subscription agreements, or any other document for your IRA provider, please email us at

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