How does sharing carry work?

You can now share a portion of your carry with one or more individuals directly in the AngelList product. Note that carry should only be shared when the person has provided or will provide assistance and expertise in identifying, assessing, and negotiating the deal. The recipient does not need to be accredited to receive carry.

When creating a deal, you can choose to share carry with one or more recipients. In the Carry and Investments section, you'll see a place to add these recipients, beneath the Total Carry field. You must enter a name, as well as the percentage of your carry you'd like to share.

Once your deal is approved, you'll be able to copy a link to share with your recipient(s). Your recipient must have an AngelList account to view the page; so they'll need to sign up if they don't already have an account. The link will take the user to a page where they'll see a few details about the deal, how much carry you’re sharing, and the option to accept or reject the invitation. If they accept the invitation, they must choose from an existing carry recipient entity or create a new one and provide details. Note that the individual will undergo identity verification and may be asked to upload a government ID or provide additional information about their investing entity, if applicable.

You will be notified via email whether the recipient has accepted or rejected your invitation.  If they accept, you'll be asked to confirm the carry share. The carry share agreement is not finalized until you confirm. You can also finalize a carry share within the deal dashboard, in the same area where you added the recipient.

Although you can retroactively add carry recipients, we encourage users to share carry for a deal before the deal formally closes because the clock for long-term capital gains treatment starts when the carry share agreement is finalized.

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