How can I broadcast my deal to more LPs?

If your deal qualifies for PCN, you're also eligible for Platform Capital Invites. Platform Capital Invites allow you to search through the AngelList LP network of qualified purchasers and clients (high net-worth individuals), and optionally send up to 1000 invites to your deal.

In order to send one of these invites, navigate to the Investors tab on the deal dashboard for the deal in question. In the Invite box, you'll see a section titled "AngelList LP Network," where you can choose between LPs who have a 100% thesis match with your deal, and LPs who have a 100% thesis match and have written at least one $50K check on AngelList in the past. You can use the other filters to further filter for LPs and send out up to 1000 invites to this network.

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