How can I control what other people on my team have access to?

You can control your team members and their access levels on the Team page within the Settings section of your Lead Dashboard.

When first inviting a team member, you can specify whether they should have Administrator, Partner, Contact, or only Read access to your account.

If a team member is already on your team, and you'd like to adjust their access, simply click on the Admin/Partner/Contact buttons to the right of their name to toggle on or off the role. If the button is blue, it's enabled, and if it's gray, it's disabled for that person.

  • Administrators are able to do everything that you're able to do for your syndicate or fund. They can also add other team members and control access levels.
  • Partners can run deals and message LPs, but they cannot manage LP applications or invite other team members.
  • Team members with the Contact role are able to receive emails regarding your syndicate and deals.
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